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Thread: Pros/Cons - 4 vs. 8 strings

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandroid View Post
    I'm confused about a nylon string topic in an electric (steel string, Magnetic pickup) typical .. section..
    I apologize for getting off topic. I've enjoyed playing my new electric 5 string so much that I was determined to get all of my instruments in 5ths tuning.

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    Default Re: Pros/Cons - 4 vs. 8 strings

    Yes we drifted a bit off topic.

    For me baritone ukes CGDA in nylon or steel works well.

    Any nylon string will do I would think.

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    Question Re: Pros/Cons - 4 vs. 8 strings

    I could add a soundboard pickup to my 4 string wooden soundboard Rescued/Modified banjo uke With Aquilla 1m Non metal mandolin strings..
    13.75"/35cm scale .. I only bring them up to E,B,F#,C#.. the 4th string could be higher tension but the C# is abought as tight as I dare...

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