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Thread: Red Lodge Reel sought

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    Default Red Lodge Reel sought

    I heard a beautiful rendition of this fiddle tune played by the Michigan Mandolin Orchestra. But I can't find a fiddle or mandolin version of it. Seems it's been taken over by orchestras. Anyone have a source for the tune, with notation and chords, hopefully?

    Here's the concert -- beautiful mandolin orchestra music!

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    Default Re: Red Lodge Reel sought

    It is a piece composed for orchestra. You'll have to start turning it into a folk tune!
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    Seems it was written by Peter as "Coming Down From Red Lodge" but is known to orchestras as "Red Lodge Reel" and you can download the full score as arranged by Bob Phillips of the Michigan MO here for what looks like $7

    or there is a watermarked copy here, not to be used

    It seems any single line fiddle sheets for it that might have existed, have been removed from free sources, and I can understand why if this is a popular piece for orchestras (and so, presumably, schools) , Peter might actually be making some money off it.

    You can play the tune by following the "1st violin" line but it seems to swap with 2nd violin and play harmony around the 14th bar then switch the lead back to 1st about bar 24, and according to the cover description, switches to the lead around between other instruments too.

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    Thanks, Ranald and Bren, for writing back. According to Brian Oberlin, the mandolinist and leader of the Michigan Mandolin Orchestra, it was a reel first, and then arranged for orchestra. There are two young girls playing it on YouTube on fiddles. I will try to learn it from them by ear. I'm also going to check the link Bren sent.

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    Default Re: Red Lodge Reel sought

    Here’s Peter Ostroushko performing it.

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    Default Re: Red Lodge Reel sought

    Thank you, Peter Coronado, I found the YouTube link, so can slow this down. I'll see if I can learn it from the Peter Ostroushko recording, depending on what key he's playing it in. Two keys, actually.

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