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    Default Snow deer

    I'm looking for the lyrics to Snow Deer.
    Never mind, I didn't realize that this was a Bob Wills song
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    SNOW DEER Composer: Percy Wenrich and Lyricist: Jack Mahoney. Published in 1913

    Sweet Snow Deer mine, moon's a-shine through the pines
    While Mohawks sleep, let us creep through the vale
    Your cowboy lover your heart will cover
    Don't hesitate, it is late, ponies wait
    For you and me by the trees in the dale
    Hear tom-toms beating. Let's hit the trail.

    CHORUS: My pretty Snow Deer, say you will go, dear
    From your side I'll never part, every trail leads to your heart
    It's time to marry, no time to tarry
    Let me carry you away from here, my sweet Snow Deer

    The red men come, bullets hum, there'll be some
    Left on the trail, I can't fail, cling to me
    We'll crown the story with love and glory
    Now after all must I fall, hear my call
    And fly away while we may, can't you see
    Those ranch lights gleaming. Safe there we'll be.

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    Default Re: Snow deer

    In what sense is it an Bob Wills song? He did record it twice, the first time as part of the numerous Tiffany Transcriptions, the second fairly late in his career after reuniting with Tommy Duncan. It was published when Wills was about 8 years old and is not really associated with Wills. (but do check out Buell Kazee's recording on the Honking Duck website)

    It's a good tune by the way, a sister piece to Snow Deer (both with lyrics about Native American girls). In 1969 I sat in with Smiley Hobbs' band (playing Hobbs's mandolin) somewhere in the DC area, and called that tune; luckily the fiddler knew it and enjoyed playing it, though he hadn't played it for very long.

    Sometimes I really want to know who actually wrote a song. My latest try was Waltz-a-Nova recorded by Swedish guitarist Rune Gustafsson and pianist Bengt Hallberg among several others. Googling didn't help: seems about 6 or 7 people wrote this tune!

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