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Thread: Mandolin musical genres / artists

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    Question Mandolin musical genres / artists

    What artist play Mandolin musical genres like for example Battle of evermore or Whiskey in the jar?
    I know Led zepplin plays battle of evermore and Wiiskey in the Jar is Irisk folk. Can we name some non Blue Grass players. Not bashing Blue Grass at all. Just want to branch out.

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    Default Re: Mandolin musical genres / artists

    Ok, there’s a lot of great jazz players - jethro burns, don stiernberg, Jason Anick, tiny moore, ...

    Early Jethro Tull featured mandolin
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    There's a lot of mandolin in early Blues. Check out Yank Rachel tearing it up. And Rich DelGrosso on the contemporary side

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    Default Re: Mandolin musical genres / artists

    Here's a suggestion: spend some time exploring the Mandolin Cafe mp3 Library. Lots of different genres represented there and there are even son tabs at the top of the list for specific genres.

    Also search for mandolin on Youtube.

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    Default Re: Mandolin musical genres / artists

    There's a thread here about the use of mandolin in rock that has a list of over 100 bands and 300, maybe 400 songs. The most recent update was 2 1/2 years ago, and is spread over Posts #296-298, because it's that far over the character limit for a single post. It's high time for it to be updated again. Must get around to it ...

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    Default Re: Mandolin musical genres / artists

    Unsure of the mandolin player's name, but a defunct band I found this last year called Larry and His Flask are really interesting and fun.
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    Default Re: Mandolin musical genres / artists

    If you go to the category "Jazz/Blues Variants, Bossa, Choro, Klezmer" on the Forum page, you'll find 50 entries with blues and blues-related mandolin, by neatly 50 different musicians.
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