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Thread: Setup Workshop?

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    Default Setup Workshop?

    Iím looking for a workshop on setting up mandolins. How to analyze the source of a buzz. How to level and dress frets. How to fine tune a nut or bridge. Etc. I have studied Rob Meldromís wonderful ebook and followed his instructions as best I can. Iím not satisfied with my work. Iíd like to watch the someone do these things and ask questions. Do workshops like this exist, on line or in person?
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    If you find one please inform me since we are both located in the Burgh or for me in the burbs. My wife and I RV extensively and will be leaving mid May for our NY camp and travel while seeing little of home until the end of October. This would be a very helpful workshop but for me would require hands on learning.
    T Y for this post and I will be standing by.
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    Default Re: Setup Workshop?

    J. Condino has a Fret and Setup workshop. Check out his website:

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    Check out Rosa String Workshop on youtube. He has done many videos of setting up various mandolins.

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