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Thread: Converting left hander to right

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    Default Converting left hander to right

    I recently bought a left handed Weber Gallatin A which turned up at a really good price.

    I tried to order a R\H bridge top and nut from Weber but they said "it doesn't work like that" and it's not that simple to do it.

    The bridge is one of their very nice but slightly complicated jobs with the inset brass bar and I don't have the skill to make one.

    I had assumed that when you remove the nut and bridge from a Mandolin it's ready for you to make it right or left handed. What's the best way forward ?

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    Adrian Minarovic
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    Default Re: Converting left hander to right

    I'd just swap the bridge saddle and nut. Some folks care too much about internal asymmetry of tonebars but several eperiments have shown that it doesn't make much difference. I've seen converted guitars (which have very asymmetric bracing) that sounded great both ways...

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    Default Re: Converting left hander to right

    People here have been converting them from righty to lefty for years. Other than the bridge saddle and the nut the only issue is that the dots on the top of the neck will be on the bottom. I'm with Adrian. I seriously doubt you can hear any difference.
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    Default Re: Converting left hander to right

    Thanks for the info Adrian and Mike. I contacted Bruce Weber & he sorted me out straight away which is fantastic, he couldn't have been more helpful. What exceptionally good people they are, he also told me my Mandolin has a Red Spruce top which is a bonus. Cheers.

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