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Thread: Mando T-Shirt

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    Default Mando T-Shirt

    My best friend's son started a clothing company in Colorado.

    He's a fledgling mandolin player and avid fly fisherman.

    I just received this from him - Click image for larger version. 

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    VERY nice mandolin print. Subtle but nice.
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    Default Re: Mando T-Shirt

    That's a nice shirt. I've been doing silkscreen graphics for years, and always appreciate good work. I'll look him up

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    Default Re: Mando T-Shirt

    Looks like a nice enough business there. That shirt is the image used on the page for Men's Tees. Good-looking products, ecologically minded. There's also a "Whiskey & Bluegrass" T-shirt, for those so inclined. NFI, just sayin'.
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