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Thread: Favorite Metronome

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    I use the optional metronome add-on for the Peterson Stroboplus HD tuner:

    It's way too expensive for what it is -- $30 on top of the price of the tuner for just a bit of code added to what's already in the tuner. I bought it because it's convenient to have the metronome right there in the tuner I use in the practice room, instead of one more device to manage.

    The metronome add-on for the Stoboplus HD also supports the "Vibe clip" used by the Peterson Bodybeat Sync metronome. You plug the cable into the output of the tuner, clip it onto your belt, and it gives you a small physical thump instead of an audio click. I haven't tried that, but I might at some point. Every electronic metronome I've ever used has an annoying sound, and that's one option to get away from it.

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    I also have the Peterson Stroboplus HD tuner w/metronome. The metronome is too expensive, works okay but is nothing special. I used their vibe clip many years ago and do not recommend it. The vibe clip vibration unit winds up and then down, creating too long of a time span to accurately define a beat (imo).

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