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Thread: I Need a Favor

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    Default I Need a Favor

    I have been thinking about this posting for about a week, and figured I would post it while everyone is in a holiday mood.

    I am associated with a local veterans wellness center here in Williamsburg VA, and also a veteran, myself. I am starting a project to collect instruments that I can donate to veterans who want to learn to play. I am looking for guitars, mandolins and banjos, mostly because that is what I play and I could give the veteran some beginning lessons to get started.

    I have some modest luthier skills, and my thought is to ask for instruments that you might have laying around that are damaged in some way, not economically repairable, or just not very playable. I guess I am pretty much asking for your "wall hangers". I would repair them/set them up to the best of my ability, and donate them. Undamaged instruments would also be happily accepted.

    I put a similar request into a couple of individual postings recently, and a fellow MC user got back to me with an offer to send me 2 Rogue mandolins directly from a big box store. He is currently working on gathering some funding. Needless to say I am thrilled.

    I would love to hear you thoughts on this idea on the forum. Please feel free to PM me if you want to get involved.

    Yesterday, I contacted several of the larger manufacturers and distributors asking if I might get access to damaged warranty returns. I am anxious to hear what they will say.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Richard Newsome


    From The Mandolin Cafe:

    This issue has precedent and is outside of our Posting Guidelines and we want to explain that, specifically dealing with solicitations from our Posting Guidelines: posting personal transactions for business, fund-raising or pursuits that are overly self-promoting is prohibited.

    This is not about the business or self-promotion reference.

    We support fund-raising efforts, but they should ideally be done through a visible and established organization (maybe a 501C) like a local Veteran’s organization or Salvation Army. We routinely support the Kids of Bluegrass Lending Library through the California Bluegrass Association which is a registered non-profit with a somewhat similar purpose. The resource the donations are made to should be a public business address, not a private home address, for your protection, too. I hope you can pair with an organization to help you assist with this.
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    Default Re: I Need a Favor

    That's a good idea, Richard. Try reaching out to musicians and others around Williamsburg, especially seniors. You may reach donors in your area through Mandolin Cafe, but we're a widespread bunch. Many of us aren't even in your country.
    Some years ago, I asked a young neighbour, of 13 or 14, whether he was still playing guitar. He told me that since he entered high school, he no longer had access to a loaner. He still wanted to play guitar, but his parents had low incomes. I asked them if they'd accept a guitar if I could find one for him. I then went to my music group, all folks over 55, mostly living comfortably, and asked them to inquire around for unused guitars. One woman immediately offered a guitar of her own that she no longer played. The lad's parents were able to put enough money aside to pay for lessons. It was a fine instrument, and the young man is finishing university (first in his family) and still playing. My point is that many of us buy or receive an instrument , experiment with it, and then decide it's not for us or perhaps we eventually upgrade. Thousands of guitars especially are sitting unused in homes (and look at all the inquiries here about old mandolins found after people die). If you send out emails, talk to your friends, neighbours, and acquaintances, they may be happy to pass instruments on to a good cause, even ones that don't need repairs. Good luck with your project.

    Added: Another idea would be to approach local media -- radio stations, newspapers, community newspapers (The North Williamsburg Shopper or whatever) -- and ask them to do a piece on your project. They're often looking for interesting filler and feel-good news.
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    Default Re: I Need a Favor

    I'm very unsure if this is within the cafe rules but you could start a Go-Fund-Me style page and ask for even small donations. I bet it wouldn't take much to get a few Rogues and Rovers. I know I'd donate.

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    Default Re: I Need a Favor

    This is a most honorable venture we support in spirit. That said, we need to establish a precedent that future charitable efforts can comply with in a safe and efficient manner and prevent the potential for the Cafe community fraud. We’re going to close this and request that needs to be done through a visible, established organization (perhaps a 501C) like the local Veteran’s organization or Salvation Army.

    Again, we endorse the effort. If we can tie it to an established public entity, we’re happy to be a mouthpiece for this noble cause. Thanks for your understanding.

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