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Thread: Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

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    Default Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

    I am switching my acoustic guitars to the humidipak system for year round humidity control. As I am unfamiliar with this system how do you adapt it mandolins do you simply use less packs? I had expected D'Addario to make a smaller version for mandolins ,violins etc but they do not.

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    Default Re: Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

    You pays your money and you takes your chances.
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    Default Re: Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

    The packets are actually made by a company named Boveda. I have used them for the last few years with zero problems in my guitars, mandolin and mandola. Boveda makes a set of saddle bags that allow them to work and still be contained if you manage to puncture one. It's never happened to me. I also re-energize the packets and reuse them. You're on your own to find out about that. You'll never get one inside a mandolin or mandola but you can use them with the packs inside the case. You can honestly do as much damage with a vinyl strap to a lacquer finish. When used correctly they are fine. As they dry out they become hard pellets. You want them to be squishy. I have one guitar that I have had since the late 80's that is a humidification poster child. Since I started using the packets it has been fine, no issues. I'm not discounting anyone else's problems but I haven't had any.

    You should know that they are made for use in many industries, not just the musical instrument world. You need to get the right values if you go to the manufacturer. D' Addario only sells the one you need for your acoustic instruments.

    They are a two-way system. They add humidity if you need it and take it away if you have too much humidity.
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    Default Re: Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

    Thanks for the answers guys. I believe I will stay with the old planet waves sponge in a container method. I e-mailed D'Addario and they recommended a small instrument sponge humidifier for mandolin instead of a Humidipak System

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    Default Re: Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

    I've used the Oasis system for years without any problems, and I see Northfield just recently started selling them, so that should tell you something. You just need a way to keep an eye on the humidity to make sure you don't over do it. During the summer I don't need it at all.

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    Default Re: Use of D'addario Humidpaks for mandolins

    I've used the Boveda Humidipaks (same thing as D'Addario as Boveda makes the D'Addario ones) in both my guitar and mandolin cases for about 4 years now, never had any problems with leakage.
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