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Thread: How Long do your J74Strings last?

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    As everyone here has said it depends but I usually go about 3 months....except for this year, I put a set on in January and they lasted until about a month ago...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoGo View Post
    I know one such guy. One tune and e/a strings go black. Amazing!
    I'm the lucky one and my sweat doesn't seem to do anything bad to strings. All I can hear/see is the change due to tension and mechanical wear against frets. I'm not very fnd of the ring of fresh strings so older set is OK with me. I wipe the strings with Fast fret or WD40 once in a while and that refreshens them and removes any dust/dirt. I can use the strings till I wear them through the windings.
    I cannot use J74s or any other phosphor bronze due to this very issue. I can ruin PB strings in just a few hours.
    I have used Nickel Bronze and they were much better, but for the last year or so I am onto monels and I really like them. No chemistry issues. Prefer the Curt Mangan Gabriel Wiseman set to any other.
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    More than 1 mandolin , quite a long time on any one mandolin ..
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