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Thread: Solo Recordings - 1 Mandolin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woyvel View Post
    Thanks, all! Great music mentioned above. Mario Poletti's "One Man One Mandolin" is a timely release too. It's just what I was looking for, as well as many of the suggestions above. An issue I'm having is getting some of these on my phone to play in iTunes for listening at work and in the car. If any one has any ideas how it can be done since the latest .ios updates, it would be appreciated.
    i just looked out of curiosity, and found nothing in iTunes on the phone for this. I do not have that problem, because I manage iTunes from a laptop and sync with the phone. Adding tunes through iTunes menus on desktop & laptop computers is not a problem.
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    Default Re: Solo Recordings - 1 Mandolin

    Yes, it did work when I synced the phone to a laptop, which I hadn't needed to do since I got the phone.
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