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    Howdy. I have a question about my Washburn Mandola. I have had the mandola for 4-5 years, and since the day I bought it (brand new), I noticed that the top looked low right by the oval hole. I can't quite decide if the top is sunk, or if that is the way it is built. I have reached inside and feel no issues with the bracing (which would be my first sign that the top has sunk). I am wondering if it is just built low in that spot (not to mention, I feel like if the were sinking, that would be more likely to occur closer to the bridge).

    Any thoughts on if it is sunk, or just built low in this spot?? I have attached pictures (and actually attached links to a couple other washburn mandolas, that from the pictures look low in that same spot).

    Like I said, I have had it for probably 5 years, and it has not changed dimensions at all. I am planning on selling it (thinning the herd), but so obviously want to verify first. Other pictures on the internet of this mandola look like it is low in this spot on theirs also, so it may be by design, but hard to tell with pictures.


    (links to a couple other examples on the internet that look like that spot is low..although difficult to tell from the pictures).
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    That "dimple" is definitely some form of sinkage.

    The first old ad link you supplied doesn't have quite as bad an issue, and the second ad shows something midway between the two.

    I don't know if it's stable or not, but if you want to give a heads up in an ad ("warp at bottom edge of soundhole, stable since bought new 5 years ago"), the potential buyer can make an informed judgment.

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    Thanks Explorer. Yes. I have since seen a few more pictures on the internet, and they all seem to show some degree of warp. I removed all of the strings, and you can physically flex that area with enough force, so I really think they did design it too thin.

    With all that being said, it is a decent mandola for the price point. I really like it, but ended up building my own (flat top), so dont have a need for both.

    Thanks for the suggestion about what to tell a potential buyer. I am selling it locally, and did just that (I am always VERY up front with people, saves both of us time).

    Thanks for your advice!

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    When those came out, I strongly considered getting one, but held back because I have always come back to the sound and playability of my Flatiron mandola. I've had numerous mandola of various brands and types, but the Flatiron pancake just suits my tastes, and has for as long as I've been playing mandola.

    Even so, it makes me sad to see the Washburn mandola having a semi-consistent issue with the build. The instrument is rare enough as it is....

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