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Thread: Fret popping up on my new mandolin

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    Default Fret popping up on my new mandolin

    Hello! I just purchased a new mandolin online and discovered that the 6th fret is not entirely fitted to the fretboard but is instead popping up just a little bit from the side (see the picture). At the top of the fretboard the fret is perfectly fitted and I haven't noticed it effecting playability, intonation or anything else but it makes me wonder if it could become a problem later on. Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of things and do you think it's a cause for sending the instrument back to the dealer?

    On the one hand I am not keen on returning the mandolin because I ordered it abroad and it is a bit of a hassle and it would take a couple of weeks before I could get my hands on a new one. On the other hand I would like to get quality work as I have heard good things about these mandolins (it's a Kentucky KM272).
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    If it will press down with your finger, a drop of superglue (mask the finish first) and hold it down while the glue sets. Use a pencil or dowel to hold it down. You don't want to glue your finger. If there's a little superglue on the fingerboard afterwards, scrape it off with a razor blade.

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    Default Re: Fret popping up on my new mandolin

    If it doesn't move and a fretrocker doesn't rock on it, just leave it.

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    That end of the fret wasn't bent to match the curve of the fretboard at that end. If there is no buzzing on that fret or the one above it (does the string note clean above and below that fret) DO NOT glue the fret all the way down or you will definitely then have a big buzz or even totally lose one note.

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    Default Re: Fret popping up on my new mandolin

    From the picture it looks to me more like the binding was shaved unevenly, revealing the fret tang there at the side of the fingerborard more than the other frets. As has been suggested, if the fret doesn't move when you push it down right at that location, it's probably ok and should not be modified.

    The proof of the pudding will be how the two highest strings sound when fretted on that fret. If they sound just as clear as when fretted on other frets, it's a visual issue, not a playing issue.
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    The fret is not moving by simply pushing it with fingers but after reading your posts I've decided to just forget about it. It's good to know it probably isn't a major inconvenience. And as I said the instrument is performing just fine and I'm actually very happy with it.

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