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    My G string rings especially when I hit my E. If I'm playing a tune, there is a low ringing on the G string. Drives me nuts. I'm finding it more so with new strings like Elixer's, not as much with Silk & Steel or Dunlops. This isn't something that grommets or a leather strap behind the bridge helps. Anybody else have this issue?

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    Any E? The open E? Any note on the E string?

    Just checking.

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    I assume you have tried the leather / grommets with no luck. But, if you place your finger anywhere on the string either above the nut or below the bridge, do you still get the drone? If no, then you may want to revisit the strap / grommets. Also cork in the bridge plate helps.

    What about the nut? Is the cut on the G strings too wide allowing the strings to move somewhat? Or too shallow and the string somewhat rides the top?

    Has this always been the case with this mando or is it new? If new, have you change string gauges significantly?

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