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    I know this ainít a mandolin but I have a 1957 Bow Tie 250 that I was told by someone that should know, that it should sell for about $3000 several years ago. At that time the deal fell thru, and I decided not to sell it. I have someone asking me about it now and I MSU sell. Does anyone know if that sounds about right for a selling price now or had the market changed up or down in last 5 to 8 years,

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    If it is in good original condition, I believe it should still bring in the neighborhood of $3000, perhaps more if it's in extra fine shape, at an established retail vintage store; but I don't know if you can get that much on a private sale. You can certainly give it a try.

    Sold listings on Reverb would seem to indicate that you might have to settle for less on a private sale. The earlier bow tie Gibsons with the 3 to 5 ply rims and one piece flanges are probably considered to be more desirable than they used to be, but times are tough for a lot of people right now.
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    Check the classifieds on

    There are several comparable Gibsons for sale at prices ranging from $2800 - $3500. I would think that $3000 is a fair price depending on condition.

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