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Thread: Trillium longscale mandola demo

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    Default Trillium longscale mandola demo

    A couple videos with my new Trillium Mandola.

    I've had it about 2 months and it's already my desert island instrument. If I could keep only one, the Trillium would be it.

    Very versatile. Thanks to Bob Abrams for making an instrument that I will always cherish.

    We make these videos for FB fans and friends. Feel free to skip the talky stuff but in the first vid we start with Fiddler's Green and end with Banish Misfortune. Second video is N.T. Wrighton's "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still" an old civil war era song inspired by the Murphy Beds version.

    Trillium Mandola
    Northfield NF5S
    Gernandt Octave mandolin
    Dekavalas Bouzouki
    Tracy Cox Nordic Mandola

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    Default Re: Trillium longscale mandola demo

    Sounds great!!

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