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Thread: Fixtures for repairing separated backboards

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    Default Fixtures for repairing separated backboards

    I was working on a repair and as I turned the fixture, I noticed that it was marked ďSept 14, 1964.Ē I chuckled at it's age and it moved me to share it with you all. I think Iíve used it seven or eight times since the day I made it, and while it took a bit of time to make the fixture, itís saved countless hours for each repair.

    Iím sure itís obvious, but itís a fixture to force an A-model rib back in place in preparation for re-gluing the backboard. The thumb screws around the perimeter go into a maple rim and thread into to a shaped-steel band. The screws allow for making fine adjustments to get the rib to go where I need it to go, and there is a curved wood shim between the screws and the mandolinís rib to distribute the load and protect the rib.

    This mandolin was a train wreck - and you know the story; it was "left strung up in an attic for eons and the family now wanted to bring their heirloom back to life." The rib separated about 180į around the perimeter, and the backboard opened and pulled away from the ribs about 3/8˝ at the tailpiece. Iíve had this rib in the fixture for about five weeks, having adjusted it a little bit every four or five days. Another two or three weeks and I'll be ready for gluing. (I should have taken a photo of the mandolin to show the badly bent rib, butÖ)

    Some time years back I made one for an F-model, too, and have used it three times (I think) - maybe four over the decades. Both of the fixtures gather more cobwebs than usage.

    Was one of those things I just had to shareÖ

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    Default Re: Fixtures for repairing separated backboards

    I could have used the A style form a few months back. It's nice to hear from you.
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    Default Re: Fixtures for repairing separated backboards

    Great to see you here Roger!

    Mine is similar. The occasional times when needed, it is very valuable.

    I was doing some work at The MET a few years back. While looking at one of D'Aquisto's jigs, I turned it over and penciled on the backside was Paul Simon's phone number to his old NY apartment in a different handwriting.
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    Default Re: Fixtures for repairing separated backboards

    Thanks for sharing Roger! Your love for the craft has helped a many of us!!

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