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    Just stumbled down a rabbithole on youtube and have spent the last hour listening to the Navy band Country Current. Their bluegrass is really good, in particular I like this song:

    Written by their mandolin/fiddle player MUCS White.

    I'm trying to learn and transcribe it but was both wondering if anyone had already done it. Also just to let everyone that may not have known (like me, two hours ago) about Navy bluegrass. BZ Country Current!

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    Default Re: Old Ironsides

    Country Current one of my favorites to see.

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    Default Re: Old Ironsides

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!
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    I believe Frank Solivan was a member. There are other prominent pros as well, but their names escape me.
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    Wayne Taylor played with Country Current as well. Here is some info on his career...
    Dan Scullin
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    Original Country Gentlemen banjoist Bill Emerson is credited with founding Country Current.
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