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Thread: Tip for adjusting small or tight tuners

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    Default Tip for adjusting small or tight tuners

    A lot of times it's not possible or feasible to totally loosen all tuning screws on old instruments and there is also little space between the screws.

    So I took a mini screwdriver for standard bits and installed an electrical drill tuner bit and now it's much easier to tune my old mandolins.

    It will also be very helpful for people with arthritis or for friction/violin


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    Default Re: Tip for adjusting small or tight tuners

    off the instrument you can oil them and spin the gears, even with just a hand crank peg winder with out worrying about the mandolin itself..

    be mindful people do lose those screws holding the round gear on to the capstan shaft . loosening that invites it disappearing..
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    Default Re: Tip for adjusting small or tight tuners

    I read the OP a few times. I thought you were talking about loosening the screws that hold the tuner plates to the headstocks. I think your contraption is to turn the tuner buttons if you have problems with strength in your hands. I understand now—I think.

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