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    First off, Hi Guys! I was just added as a member so thanks for the add and letting me in your forum.

    A neighbor of mine passed away and his wife had contacted me about some instruments he owned. She asked me because I play guitar and pedal steel so she figured I might have a clue . She told me it was a couple of banjos and some other instruments. Well, I was surprised to say the least. He had 4 Orpheum No.3 Banjos, some B&D's, just an amazing collection. Then I found he also had a Gibson MB. Then I found the mandolin. I researched the logo on it but could not find a mandolin with this logo. If anyone has any clues, the help would be appreciated.

    She is going to sell all of the instruments so I will probably list the Gibson MB here and the mandolin if it has any value.

    Thanks in advanceClick image for larger version. 

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    I've never seen that before. You could post more photos to give us a better idea of the build quality, but my guess is it is not worth much. It might be a one off, or a hobby builder. Is there a label visible inside the sound hole(s)?

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    That's what I was kind of thinking but I will take some more pics.

    Thanks Eric! Hey wait, Eric "F.". Is that your logo???

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    That headstock shape is redolent of instruments made by Oscar Schmidt in the early 20th century and also Harmony- in the 1920s and on a more exotic level, Larson. The initial probably relates to a third party vendor although it is possible it is a personalisation thing done for or by the owner- I don't think it is an inlay- just painted on, perhaps? There appears to be a rosewood veneer, so the instrument is of some quality although at what level would be determined by more photos showing the whole of it- front and back. I am assuming that the tuner units are behind a plate- these were often engraved but I imagine this is not the case with this mandolin.

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