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    Hi, I have not been here for years. Guitars are what I do most of but I'm keen to make more newfangled mandolins - even though I only know of 2 or 3 players in this country of 57 million. The few I do make are sold in the USA. The first pic is of one going out to client in a few days.
    I have a few questions if I may. I'm hoping to make an octave or mandola in the design of one of the 2 guitar designs shown below (electric and modified to suit).
    1) Would string spacing, over the fingerboard, be the same in all mandolin scale sizes? (so that pickup string spacing can be standard).
    2) If electric, would you do 4 or 8 string? I hear 4 is better for electrics.
    3) Would standard mandolin strings be suitable (I think they are long enough - but the gauge may be a problem - it is impossible for us to import non-standard strings to South Africa)

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    I can't speak to string spacing but on strings, phosphorus bronze strings tend to not work well on electric mandolins as the magnetic pickup only interacts with the core. The four Vs eight debate is just a matter of opinion. For me the double strung strings are part of the sound of a mandolin. Others like the ease of playing and tuning just four strings.

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