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    Hi , Iím totally new here. I recieved a Weber Gallatin as a gift from my wife( yes, Iím a lucky guy), she bought it from a guy who claims he bought in London years ago.
    Warranty chart says itís from 2008, but the headstock has no logo.
    It sounds amazing and it looks beautiful and well made, but, being a gift Iím just checking my wife hasnít been tricked. sorry for my poor ď englishĒ, waiting for your suggestions, ciao
    Ps cant find a way to post pictures!??

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    Welcome and your English is fine! Nice gift to receive from your wife! I bet they're both keepers. It is strange for it not to have anything on the headstock. Is there anything visible through the f-holes?

    Here's a thread on how to add photos:

    Good luck!
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    Does it have a Weber/Sound to Earth label inside, And is there a serial number?

    If so, you could either contact Weber, or Montana Lutherie, which is Bruce Weber’s new business venture.

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    Here's how to add a photo.

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