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Thread: Cracks in Northfield tuner heads

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    Default Cracks in Northfield tuner heads

    I've noticed cracks in all of the black tuner heads on my F5S (only 6 years old), emanating from the post and in two cases continuing almost to the end of the head. The tuners are working fine right now, but I would think that this is a long-term concern?

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    Did you contact Northfield?
    Northfield F5M #268, AT02 #7

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    I called and they immediately offered to replace them with a new set of Gotohs at no cost. They explained that they used Schaller tuners back then, and they couldn't get Schaller to manufacture black tuning heads. So they made them themselves. In some cases, the kind of cracks I've got have developed. The whole experience just confirms my satisfaction with these guys. I've had multiple interactions with them over the years and they're always responsive and cooperative.

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    Nice to hear, they are great to work with. I had the same problem a couple years ago and they sent me new tuners right away.
    Northfield F5M #268, AT02 #7

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