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Thread: Regal Deco Mandolin Circa 1939

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    Default Regal Deco Mandolin Circa 1939

    You can see faux finish deco guitars- nearly always made by Harmony for sale from time to time, I have one- my worst ever eBay purchase- my excuse is that I was interested in the case- or even the Nick Manoloff tuition books that came with it! Much more rarely, you see the Regal made version, an ad for them from 1939, is featured on page 186 of Bob Carlin's book. Here is the very rare mandolin version. Obviously, this was a very cheap instrument and the top has sunk on this little guy which has been dealt with by using a nice tall bridge. I suppose if you wanted a nice set of Kluson tuners, this would be a good purchase if it stays low.

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    Default Re: Regal Deco Mandolin Circa 1939

    Inlay on fretboard might have looked good.This design was usually on televisions and radios.And done better.

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    Thanks for posting that link, Nick! Although not a Lloyd Loar or an Embergher (sic), that Regal is a great looking period piece, even if just as a wall- hanger! Love to have it!
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    Here is a variation on the same theme- another faux finish but Kluson tuners with no buttons- par for the course! An old Regal from the same era sold as an S S Maxwell.

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