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Thread: Finding a fender mandocaster reissue

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    Default Finding a fender mandocaster reissue

    Hi everyone, Iím new here.

    Iím looking to buy a reissue mandocaster/Strat reissue either the 4 or 8 string version. Iíve looked at all the usual places and thereís nothing, Iím happy to pay shipping to the UL for the right instrument. Just wondered if anyone knows of any for sale or would even part with one.

    All help will be greatly appreciated!



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    Default Re: Finding a fender mandocaster reissue

    Since as a rule we try to keep personal sales transactions out of the Forum, the best course would be to place a ďwantĒ request in the free Classifieds section of the website. Thereís statistically more traffic there, too.
    Good luck!

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