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Thread: Better tone with light strings?

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    Default Re: Better tone with light strings?

    For me, it all depends on the circumstances/setting of where I'm playing the instrument. If it's mostly around home or in a small ensemble, I like the way light-gauge strings feel and sound, plus I feel like I get a little more expression and sustain from the lighter tension. The trade-off is that if I hit the lighter strings too hard, the sound tends to break up under my ham fist. Most of the time (or at least most-of-the-once-upon-a-time) I'm playing in a bigger, louder band, and I want the extra cut and chop I get with the medium/heavy set.
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    On heavier built instruments I think J75 gauged strings do make a noticeable and generally + difference. I also like 75s on my Silverangel, which is what Ken recommends. But, it sounded good with 74s (and not much of a noticeable difference in volume or tone), whereas my old Kentucky 675-S really needed the heavier strings to drive the top. A recent Eastman 315 I sold did well with either gauge, and I like 74s enough on my Skip Kelley and my Rigel that I haven’t tried others yet. So, yeah, it depends on the instrument, and also your playing style/situation...

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