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Thread: Extended Range Electric Mandocello

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    Default Extended Range Electric Mandocello

    Ever wanted an extended range electric mandocello?
    Tacoma Papoose Electric Travel Guitars provide a platform.
    These occasionally show up for sale online. (NFI)
    Requires some bridge mods to yield maximum string length for in tune compensation,
    Remove the springs and shorten the bolts on strings 5 & 6.
    Restring for mandocello plus high E & even higher B tuning.
    This works for me.
    B - .009 p
    E - .014 p
    A - .020 p
    D - .032 fw
    G - .050 fw
    C - .070 fw
    Low C string isn't "floppy".
    I don't attempt chords, I just play lead guitar.
    If this approach worked so well for B.B. King, who am I to argue?
    Peace Out.

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    Default Re: Extended Range Electric Mandocello


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    Default Re: Extended Range Electric Mandocello

    One of these puppies?

    Reportedly this has a 19.1" scale. I guess a single-course .070 C could be OK at that scale, esp. given that this seems to have a pretty wide nut. A pair of .070s would slap into each other. It would be fun to get into mandocello range without the extra reach.

    By strings 5 and 6 you mean the C and G, correct? It's the lower strings that would need a longer scale at the bridge. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Extended Range Electric Mandocello

    Yes, that's it. C & G strings need bridge mods for extra compensation.
    Maximum extended length for the C string needed for a .070.
    And some of the nut slots will need a little enlargement.

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