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Thread: New used cheapo 5 string partscaster

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    Default New used cheapo 5 string partscaster

    Made a trip to Jake Wildwood's yesterday, primarily to have him put together this 5-stringer from old Squier parts. He drilled new holes in the bridge, removed a saddle and a tuner, slotted the nut, and I'm pretty sure did some other stuff to make it work as a 5-string. Tuned CGDAE cello/OM tuning, 25.5" scale. I wasn't expecting much in the tone department, but it's really excellent - deep and clear with plenty of punch and bite. GFS Surf 90 pickups and flatwound strings running between the poles. The neck has a 1 5/8" nut width, so it doesn't feel super wide. Very pleased - Thanks Jake!

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    Looks great, I hope it brings you a lot of enjoyment.

    Glad to read that Jake got your electric tenor wiring straightened out as well.


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