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    i am looking for a plan of the gibson mandobasses.. i am looking , in particular, the plan of the mandobasso of Hilary James.. Is there people that can help me? please replay to my my email or my whats upp +393804119051.

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    Last year, I asked Hillary James about her mandobass. This is what she told me:

    My bass was made in Bournemouth, England by Robin Greenwood.

    Good luck with it.

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    As a double bass player and builder, I cannot recommend anyone spend any time on a mandobass; I find them to be a disappointment on every level. They are a novelty item at best, severely lacking in voice that is easily attainable with a double bass, and the frets are an unimaginable handicap. BUT.....As a historian who also tries to document, preserve, publish, and pass on the traditions, I have some handwritten blueprints of a few old Gibson mandobasses here at the shop.

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