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Thread: Rattlesnake Mandolin

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    Default Rattlesnake Mandolin for sale?

    Hi there folks!
    I'm looking to possibly purchase a Rattlesnake Mandolin by Olin Davis. Anyone have a lead to one that might be for sale?
    Thanks so much!
    T Merritt
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    Default Re: Rattlesnake Mandolin for sale?

    Tony Williamson (Mandolin Central) used to sell these new. While I'm not sure if he still does, he may know of one for sale:

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    Default Re: Rattlesnake Mandolin for sale?

    Thanks Bogle!!!

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    Default Re: Rattlesnake Mandolin

    I spoke with Olin a while back and repaired on of his mandolins. As far as I know, he no longer builds mandolins and now is a commercial hemp farmer.

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