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    OK, I know posting this is a little like pointing out that Michelangelo was good at painting, but I've been on a Grisman kick this week and just can't get over his rhythm playing. In particular, the 5-minute version of Pretty Polly from Home is Where the Heart Is is an amazing masterclass in mandolin rhythm. The groove he lays down uses a dozen or more flavors of rhythm playing from straight chop to those perfect little tasteful moments of letting the strings ring. Maybe it's the mix, or maybe it's just me, but the singing and lead playing on that track seem to be there just to add color to the rhythm playing - so very cool. Anyway, Dawg is good at mandolin - my Monday hot take...

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    Can't argue with that observation: Dawg IS good at mandolin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric F. View Post
    Can't argue with that observation: Dawg IS good at mandolin!
    I’ve heard that too
    Play it like you mean it

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    He plays with such ease & finesse...Definitely aspirational!

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    He never does too much or two little. I wish I had that grace.

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    It may have all been said before about the Dawg...

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    David has always been my favorite rhythm player... not just his masterful technique, but his uncanny ability to always be in the pocket no matter what setting he's playing in. Many is the time I've gone to see David just to observe his backup work. Also the best sounding, most creative tremolo in the business.

    To all you newbies out there (old bees too) you gotta listen to David's exceptional playing on the classic "Don Stover - Things In Life".

    Now there's some backup work... in fact it's all amazing!

    Check his rhythm playing on Old Liza Jane... insane!
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    And he has great hair.
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