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Thread: Stolen mandolin recovered.

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    Default Stolen mandolin recovered.

    On July 4, my stolen Gibson F5 L mandolin was recovered, along with my banjo, briefcase and laptop. My Martin HD28 is still missing and at last report is floating around in OKC.
    I am amazed that my FB posts and friends on mandolin cafe reached the number of people that it did.
    Thanks to all of you who spread the word on the theft.
    I am listing the mandolin for sale in the classifieds so please don't freak out and think you found it! LOL
    Tom Mullen
    Tulsa, OK

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    Default Re: Stolen mandolin recovered.

    It is so nice to hear some good news.
    Decipit exemplar vitiis imitabile

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    Default Re: Stolen mandolin recovered.

    So nice to hear of your finding a long time friend!
    Eric Hanson
    Click #016/ Born on 2/29/08 - Sold to the next Conservator of this great mandolin!
    The search has ceased! (At least for now)
    Collings A-Style

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