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Thread: Uplifting instrument Recovery Story

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    Default Uplifting instrument Recovery Story

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    Default Re: Uplifting instrument Recovery Story


    Thank you very much for sharing this. It is encouraging that at times good wins out.

    I especially liked the following passage from the article:

    “My father was a smart man,” Walevska said. “He knew that many of these children’s parents say, ‘Well, I’ll buy them a cheap instrument and if they do well, then I can buy a better instrument.’.... He realized the great value of a child falling in love with the sound of the instrument.”

    This is a thought that is often lost on beginning mandolin players. It is often mentioned to new ones on this site as something serious to think about.
    A nicer instrument draws in the player. Makes them WANT to play it more. A M-andolin S-haped O-bject is something that only causes grief. A MSO is too often an object that ends up at the local Goodwill, or other donation facility.

    I am grateful for this site that teaches many to seriously consider saving, and paying more, for an instrument that has been vetted by the many here on the site. Many being repair techs and builders, and some even being shop owners that help to direct ones to a more playable instrument.
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