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Thread: Shout-out for Luthier Steve Holst

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    Default Shout-out for Luthier Steve Holst

    I met Steve about 8 years ago as he's local to me here in Oregon and I needed some work done on a couple of my mandolins. Steve has worked on four of my mandos so far, and his prices are extremely fair and he does excellent work. I highly recommend him both for top-notch repair work, as well as the stunning guitars and mandos that he builds.

    Steve Holst Mandolins and Guitars
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    Default Re: Shout-out for Luthier Steve Holst

    Steve has been a HUGE influence. His web-site is eye candy !! I'm always amazed his name is not mentioned with the so called ' top tier' builders. Was VERY helpful a while back while I was making some solid ebony tailpieces. Some guys hoard there knowledge, others spread it around freely, Steve is clearly in the latter.

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