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Thread: Stridente- a good first bowl?

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    Default Stridente- a good first bowl?

    Hi all,

    I've come across this bowl back on eBay at a reasonable price 360. It is a 'stridente'.

    Any information on this model? Worth a punt?


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    Default Re: Stridente- a good first bowl?

    Stridente made pretty good instruments, but the catch is whether the instrument is playable and is problems-free. Far too often old instruments develop numerous problems over the years and are impossible/uncomfortable to play. Most problems can be rectified by the skilled luthier, but expect to pay more than the instrument worth for a decent job. 360 pounds is OK price for an upper end Stridente with fluted ribs in a good condition, but for a plain model it is too expensive, unless supplied by the luthier in a fully restored and well setup condition.

    P.S. I think I've found the actual instrument on ebay UK. Plain Jane model, but it looks like it has been restored and is probably playable. The seller is open to offers, why don't you try 200 pounds or so. That would be a good price. Good luck.

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