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    Default Frankenstein electric tenor

    I have a habit of putting together frankenstein guitars, especially tenors: more than one 6 string neck has made a few passes through my band saw and been attacked by rasps and planes and become a tenor (both acoustic and electric). But this is a new one.

    A few months back I sold my 1920s Regal tenor guitar. I loved the small body, but I couldn't get used to the shorter scale neck. I kept thinking about that small body and wondering what a 23" scale with a small body would be like to play. I kept thinking of trying it with an electric, since I could more easily just swap out necks. Then I got this idea:

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    That's a Vorson electric ukulele body with a new bolt-on neck (of my making, poplar with an ebonized walnut fretboard) to make it a 23" scale instrument. (It's had some other mods, too, like a new bridge to give it narrower tenor/mandolin string spacing, and some pickup tweaking.) I just got it strung up, and the intonation needs some tweaking, 2 of the nut slots are too high, and the pickups need adjusting, but it's playable. The body is small - you can see the sides of my Gibson A and my Kalamazoo mandolins peeking out from the sides of the photo.

    It'll take a little time playing it to see what I think of the small body.I'll keep you posted, and once I get the set up done I'll post a sound sample.

    The nice part about this is if it doesn't work out, I just unbolt the neck and put the old one back on!

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