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Thread: Mandolin identification and value

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    Question Mandolin identification and value

    I'm looking for information about 2 mandolins that belonged to my deceased ex-husband. I have been unable to locate any info. The first one is an Ibanez acoustic electric. Looks like model #515. The second is an Abilene acoustic with a picture of a longhorn s horn above the name. I have more pictures if interested.Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Mandolin identification and value

    These are Asian made budget grade instruments that are sold new at music stores for perhaps between $150 and $300. They appear to be in good condition. These mandolins are generally sold without hard cases, so the cases were probably added as extras, and help the resale value a tiny bit.

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    Here's some discussion regarding a similar Ibanez. The body style is sometimes called "Venetian," and it's found on some older US instruments from Stromberg-Voisenet and Kay. Discussion on the Reddit forum mentions similar instruments labeled "Teisco," which was a fairly well-known Japanese label.

    There are many instruments similar to the Abilene available for less than $200 on-line. As mentioned above, you do have good cases for both instruments, which could add perhaps $50 to their values. The Ibanez is a bit of a rarity, and might command a higher market value.

    You won't find a great deal of specific information on these particular models; the Ibanez may well be older (1970's perhaps); the Abilene would be difficult to date, but it's very similar to a number of current Asian-made mandolins.
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