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    For the past week, playing electric bass, I have been working on arpeggios using three different chord shapes around the circle of fourths, starting with C. Then, staying in one position: frets 1-5, 5-9, and 9-12 and using all three position run the circle of fourths using the three chord shapes. This has dealing helped my knowledge of the fretboard. Would this work on the mandolin, maybe using the circle of fifths instead? This is a course called Fretboard Mastery from Scott Bass Lessons, an online teaching website. Has helped my fretboard knowledge a lot.
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    Yes it would work.
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    Do this the same way as the bass. You'll get a lot from it.
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    "Circle of fifths" and "circle of fourths" is really the same thing, since "up a fourth" and "down a fifth" are the same keys. For moving practice exercises around, going either direction works.

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