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Thread: jams with friends during covid

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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    I've been getting together with a friend at home every 2 weeks throughout the pandemic. As the time drags on, with no end in sight, we do the precautions, and keep to a small circle of friends, having decided to trust each other, or risk it, acknowledging that there can be no guarantees. There's no opportunity to meet anyone new, unfortunately, and the others we know locally, have chosen to stay home.

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    Smile Re: jams with friends during covid

    3 of us got together sunday ... sat the appropriate distance apart ..
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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    Honestly, I think it's the singing in a group setting that raises risk significantly, even outdoors. And personally, I can't not sing if folks are playing a song I know that needs a harmony part (which in my mind is all of them). I jump in and sing without thinking, and boom, I've been seduced into raising everybody else's risk.

    I feel like I'm pretty much back to normal; I've been working out and walking for a couple weeks now. I generally eat healthy, sleep well, have less stress and am probably more fit than most 61 year-olds. I gotta think that played a part in how mild my symptoms were. The only thing that seems to be lingering is a very slight metallic taste and a not-quite-100% sense of smell, but both of those continue to improve. Hopefully this will turn out to be a Get Out Of Jail Free card, at least in the short run.

    I would be remiss not to express my heartfelt gratitude for this community: in addition to the books I had in my house, this community was a godsend for my mental outlook during self-isolation. This place does more good in the world than maybe you know.
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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    Ironically, just after your original post here my son (who is single and lives in his own home in a nearby town) reported that he had received a positive test result, after he had tested about 10 days earlier. He's been in self-isolation for 15 days, since he knew he was exposed, and the doc says he can go back to work Monday, although since he's a bartender in California he won't be going back to work anytime soon.

    My son experienced absolutely no symptoms, so we're wondering if the test results were a false-positive, or if he's just one of those asymptomatic people. We're overjoyed that he hasn't been sick, but like him, we're scratching our heads about the circumstances.
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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    I have gotten together with my two band mates twice since the thing started. Both times outdoors with quite a bit of distancing.

    Felt so good to just play music with another human...
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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    I meet with two friends just about every week now. We took 3 months off when all the covid started but got back together a few weeks ago. No social distancing. We are all retired.

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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    I'm okay with it outdoors, if everyone wears masks and we distance 6' or more. Of course, no physical contact. Been jamming with a couple of guitar players. Goes without saying, no loud banjos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Kammerzell View Post
    I'm okay with it outdoors, if everyone wears masks and we distance 6' or more. Of course, no physical contact. Been jamming with a couple of guitar players. Goes without saying, no loud banjos.
    I've heard banjos are super spreaders of loud noises.

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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    Our group has plans to try a get-together next weekend. We're allowed to group (with masks and social distancing) outside only and it's at a private house with a back patio. A couple of us are lucky enough to be living with/married to other musicians and many of us play instruments that won't be affected by masks -- the whistles and flutes, however, I don't know ... many of us are older or have pre-existing conditions, at least two are nurses who have been pretty much in the middle of the pandemic. We've been lucky here in CT, our peak was months ago, our numbers are pretty good and most people don't seem to have a problem with wearing masks. We'll see how it goes -- or if it goes.
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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    setting up for an outdoor practice

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    Quote Originally Posted by John Flynn View Post
    But we like to play and we can't keep our lives on hold forever over this.
    This is how I am feeling right now. I am an "essential employee" (healthcare provider,) I have been tested (required by our governor,) and was negative. I am over 65 with asthma (but otherwise healthy,) so I am a bit above average risk. I have made a decision not to live my life in fear, but also do not take unnecessary risks. Music is necessary to my life, and so I must have music to make life worth living. If we give up everything that makes life worthwhile to us, is it really worth it? Just be careful, and don't take stupid chances.

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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    Here in Toronto four of us have begun to get together every couple of weeks to play old time. In the back yard, distanced, and we're not doing any singing. All of us are serious about precautions. The real problem will be the fall when it gets too cold. I suspect that we'll stop meeting. I don't think any of us will be comfortable about meeting indoors.
    Cary Fagan

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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    Getting together once a week for several weeks now. 4 or 5 of us, outside on a porch. We stay several feet apart but are not fanatical, and don't get a tape measure out. I have personally decided to live my life as normally as possible. It is wonderful to be making music with others again.
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    Default Re: jams with friends during covid

    My wife is a violin instructor at a well known music school and she was asked to conduct the class of about 15 people indoors this fall. The school moved the class to a small auditorium and they 'filter the air' with some kind of new machine that is supposed to kill viruses. Despite all of the other procedures like wearing face masks, sitting far apart, having no family or friends present, few or no people in the hallways, going from 1 1/2 hours to 60 minutes or less, hurried setup and take down/exiting etc. It is pretty weird and unappealing.

    Now if we could only get them to fit into our back yard...
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