This is a simple addition that I have been planning for some time and finally got around to. I ordered the following pu and cover since I had the other parts.

I did drill a hole in the side for the output jack. That was a standard multi bit process. The only difference in mounting was I used a star type locking wash on the inside to keep the jack from spinning. I also put a disk of sticky felt under the washer as insulation.

The only control is volume (500K linear) and that also got a felt lined star washer on the bottom to grip the underside of the top). Same idea as the jack washer, to grip the wood inside to keep it from moving. There's a felt lined flat washer on top. The top washer has the felt side up to hide the shiny steel. The plastic knob I trimmed so it is smaller (had numbers around a skirt, now gone).

The pu itself is under the cover and held with sticky foam (didn't want any rattling around) and the pu assembly is mounted on the top on wee bits of velcro. The pu is angled closer to the treble side for tonal balance.

My wife said "It sounds much better through the amp!" (Roland MicroCube with slight phase and reverb) Strings are Curt Mangan Monel 10's btw.

So now my "travel mando" can be used acoustic or electric! I bet I have under $100 into this rig since I added the Rogue/gig bag on a larger discounted order, the upgraded tuners were about $12 and this pu install was about $20 (not counting all the strings I've put on it in a couple years).

There's another post somewhere about the tuners.

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