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Thread: Musica Exercise: From Mandolin Duet to Electric Band

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    Default Musica Exercise: From Mandolin Duet to Electric Band

    Hi everyone!

    As has happened to a lot of people, this lockdown has left indefinitely inactive what was supposed to be my new band. And, after the first three or four weeks of trying to write new material for it, the loss of this goal and the uncertainty of when things could go back to normal made me play gradually less and less... Which is unacceptable

    So, I forced myself to come up with some kind of "musical exercises" to motivate myself with a goal that would help me stay active again. And I'm very happy to share with you my first one, which has been writing a quite simple short tune for two mandolins and then arranging it for an electric band. The idea was -besides having fun- trying to give the tune a different flavour while keeping its essence -and not changing the melody or harmony.

    I have to say that, in retrospective, the idea turned out to be -unknowingly at the time- a copy of what the great Michael Daves did in his album Orchids and Violence. So maybe not that original, but fun!

    Hope you like it!


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