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Thread: Sierra and Sam

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    Default Sierra and Sam

    I have no idea if this is already here or not but I love the dynamic.

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    I saw on Sierra’s Instagram that she was recently at Sam’s home. Looks like they were playing catch and hopefully recording something. She did hint at a project in the works. I agree the two have a great dynamic, and would love nothing more than to hear them together on an album!
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    Now I have the Murphy's Oil Soap jingle stuck in my head.
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    Watched that clip the other day. It doesn’t get much better than Sam Bush with the younger players he’s inspired.

    There’s one of him and Thile playing “Brilliancy,” and Sam goes, “Chris is gonna show you how to play this with no mistakes,” then Thile goes, “Ah, but Sam is going to show how it’s played with feeling,” or something to that effect.

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