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    Hi all - I have a bouzouki tuned GDAE; I went to capo it at the 5th fret to create a mandola tuning.

    But when I tried I found the strings lay too close to the neck and buzzed, I think because the neck is bowed down slightly.

    Is there a a certain type of capo , maybe with an extra bar, that might set the strings like 0.5 mm higher to avoid this issue ? Tucking a nail under the strings at the 5th fret might work but doesn’t seem in the right spirit.

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    A special slideguitar capo grabs the string both top and bottom but I don't know if there is room for it on yours. Why not have the neck fixed? It will also buzz when playing at the 5. bar!

    There is also an adapter to place on your guitar nut, to raise the strings for playing slide. It could maybe be of use.

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    I had a similar problem with my Octave mandolin. The builder suggested a banjo capo for an arched fingerboard.

    It solved my problem immediately. No buzzes and it’s in tune.
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    @poul i tried the slide-capo but it raised the strings a little high. Then @DPrager i ordered a cheap capo with a bit of arch on both jaws , it arrived today and serves nicely no buzz. Thanks to you both for the suggestions.

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