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Thread: Price? If I could find one

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    Default Price? If I could find one

    Years ago I was trying to learn mandolin, then had a hand injury and gave up.
    At the time I had a A Style Washburn from the early 80s and a Flatiron Performer A.I had traded in a Weber Y2K on the Flatiron.Unfortunately I sold the Flatiron, which of course Iíve come to regret.

    Now, since the pandemic Iíve returned to the mandolin. Iím using the Washburn.Really starting from scratch because itís been so long. Iím using lessons from the Online Academy of Irish Music for lessons and Aidan Crosseyís website for inspiration. Happy to say Iím making some progress.
    Now of course Iíve got a hankering for a new mando. My plan is to give the online lessons a year and save up for another mandolin to reward myself for a year of discipline.
    So, if I could find one of these, what would be the going rate for: a Flatiron Performer A,
    A Weber Hyalite or a Weber Y2K? Just donít see them in the classifieds or any where else very much

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    Thanks Jim
    I look at the elderly sight almost daily, did this morning and didn’t see it. That is what I sold mine for 12 years ago, so that’s good to know.
    Not likely to buy right now, but good to know

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