This Uusimaa (Finland) folk tune “On neidolla punapaula” (“There is a girl with a red ribbon”) is also known in Estonia as “On neiukesel punapaela” or “Punapaela-Laul”. It was arranged for two voices and published in “Lemmiklaulik IV (Riho Päts) - Algkooli IV klassi lauluvara. K.-Ü. "Kooli-Kooperatiivi kirjastus, Tallinn, 1936”. Here it is transcribed for one mandolin. Both versions have very small differences because the rhythm of some words so in general they are pretty much the same. The video is recorded in the woods some miles out of my hometown Rakvere, North Estonia in June 28, 2020.

Toomas Rannu
Flat-backed mandolin, crafted by Viljar Kuusk in 2008 (Tallinn, Estonia).
Tab of the Uusimaa (Finland) version for mandolin (PDF) attachedClick image for larger version. 

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