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Thread: Vibratone Venetian Style Mando

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    Good Day All,

    I have a 1920's/30's Vibratone mando with the Kay / KayKraft style
    venetian body. I am in need of either tuners or replacement buttons
    as the originals are deteriorated heavily. Post centers are approx
    2 cm apart. PLS HELP !!!


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    Johnny, you said ‘help’ and didn’t get any answer, so...
    Buttons are available from either luthier supply houses or just on ebay. However, you need to know how yours are attached, how to take the old ones off without damaging anything, and how to refit. This is simple stuff, and searching the forum here will give you the answers.
    Replacing the whole tuner is usually easy, but you have to know more details. There are at least two close, but no cigar spacings, maybe more, and little issues like bushings that can make the job more than simple drop in. Tuners are found in the same places, from about $7 a set to over $600.
    What you replace with is also related to whether authenticity, performance or just bling is important, and I can’t guess about that.
    If the mechanical manipulations are a worry, any ‘music store’ in your area should be able to fix you up.

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