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    Default 1962 Calace

    Hi All,

    This has been an amazing forum so far.

    Iíve seen a 1962 Calace for sale near me at approx 890 pounds.

    Does anyone have any information on this? Why is this so cheap when the average Calace I see is 2k plus?

    I was looking for a bowl back at approx 500 but this really caught my eye and for 3-400 more..

    Thanks all!


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    Default Re: 1962 Calace

    Call them up and, if possible, have them describe condition in hand. The early 1930s and earlier ones might be more desirable by some players but one from 1962 might be perfectly fine. Ifit is in your price range, I would take a chance. In the US most stores have approval policies where you have usually 48 hours to inspect the instrument and if you don't like it for some reason, then you pay shipping to send it back. It is worth at shot and the price does seem reasonable. It is more of a midline Calace but I have played mandolins from that era and even recently made ones and they are quite nice.

    Description sounds very good. This might be the one for you.

    For historical purposes, photos here. I would say that it is close to their current model 26 which could be a nice solid instrument. Yiu can see the current models here on the Calace site.
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    Default Re: 1962 Calace

    These folks are right in London. Franco can you head on over and see it in person?

    890 lbs is around $1100 US. As Jim says that's a reasonable price.
    It may be that you are comping the price for this one with vintage ones from
    when Raffaele C was still alive. He passed in 1934.

    Unless something is dreadfully wrong and it is in your budget, it would be hard to imagine you couldn't get your
    money back when you are ready to move up that more desirable '30s Calace.

    The Turner shop looks like a cracking place as you Brits say....

    We'd love an insider's report on the establishment.

    We're with you on this, fratello.

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