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Thread: Help with upgrade, please

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    You chose well Jim. I was going to mention the importance of considering a radiused fretboard since you are coming over from guitar (which have radiused fretboards) but you checked that box with the Eastman as they have a nice 12 degree radius. When I decided to take another try at mandolin last November I started with a 505 from TMS and it was a great choice.

    Have great fun with it!

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    Chris Cravens

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    Play it and enjoy it, Jim! Let us know when it arrives.

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    Jim, I would be happy to own that mandolin. Have fun!

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    Congrats!... great choice! I had about the exact same migration. Started with a super cheap used Rover off Craigslist and moved into an Eastman 305,... that's a great step up!

    Now start saving for that Collings, Silverangel or whatever next step you choose!
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