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Thread: Lefty f-5 case?

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    Default Lefty f-5 case?

    Finishing up on a Lefty F-5 and it just crossed my mind, where am I going to get a case for this customer? Has anyone just bought a right hand case and reversed the inside padding, of can that even be done? To have one made special I'm sure would be very costly.

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    Default Re: Lefty f-5 case?

    Gee, that’s a good question!
    I am so happy that I play right handed! One more reason to learn that way.
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    Default Re: Lefty f-5 case?

    This left handed Weber is in the classifieds with a Weber case....

    You might contact Weber and see if they would sell you one.

    Eastman makes one too...


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    Default Re: Lefty f-5 case?

    I usually have Ameritage make them for me. I suspect Cedar Creek also could.

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